Suggested Reading



  • Peter Schwartz’s The Art of the Long View, Planning for the Future in an Uncertain World (Doubleday, 1996). Amazon listing here.
  • Ian Bremmer and Preston Keat’s The Fat Tail: The Power Of Political Knowledge in an Uncertain World (Oxford University Press, 2010). Amazon listing here.

An Introduction

The general goal of this weblog for now is to track job searches for those interested in geopolitical risk.

In short, there is a burgeoning field of boutique consulting shops that specialize in the different particulars one might define as “geopolitical risk” (here is a list of such firms to target).

Through this site, you will find a growing list in the header, arranged by industry area (see “geopolitical advisory firms,” “political risk insurance,” etc.) to make operational a career path in this space. For example, find my first cut at a reader on Political Risk Insurance in this vein, along with a List of Insurers and Brokers. If there are other focuses you might recommend for me to add, please do not hesitate to send a note.

-Texas Pete