List of Insurers and Brokers

As noted elsewhere, the PRI market is a great place to start a career if you are interested in political risk. While a Euler Hermes may not be as much of a household brand as some of the advisory firms, at such a firm you do gain hard business insight into how companies value political risk, and a breadth of different industry exposures to different political events.

If you are not from London with some kind of connection to Lloyds, then this path might be a tough one to navigate at first. To streamline this process, I provide a list of U.S. carriers that provide PRI “lines” who more likely than not are hiring. Note that some of these units do not make a firm distinction within their teams between “political risk” and its cousins “trade credit” and “terrorism” (a discussion for a forthcoming post).

Private Carriers’ political risk divisions:

Note, these are all private insurers, and despite the cuts in funding related to Ex-Im Bank, the public-sector side of insurance is alive and well (chiefly through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), which hires dozens of summer interns).

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